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Jesus: Hope Comes To Life!

Have you ever watched a Batman movie?  In most of the movies featuring Batman, the background of the movie features a “dark” or “grim” reality in life.   It seems as if there are never any moments of light in the fictitious city of Gotham.  People wanted to have hope that life would be better and that evil would be defeated.  I think it symbolizes what is happening in our world today. 

We are living in a negative world.  Our politics are so negative that people are verbally beating each other’s reputations into dust.  Our ethics are disappearing.  For instance, honesty does not seem to be a “must” for people.  People are living double lives.  People claim to stand for certain values, yet in their own lives, they are violating the standards that they claim are necessary for a healthy life. People’s lives are characterized by death, doubt, disappointment, depression and defeat. It seems as if there if no hope for ourselves or for the world that we live in. In spite of this, the people are still looking for HOPE in a negative world.  

Easter is a statement that there is hope for a negative world.  EASTER is all about HOPE COMING TO LIFE because of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.   That is the reason we want you to attend our worship service on Sunday,     April 1 at 10:00 a.m.  We are starting a new series entitled “Jesus: Hope  Comes To Life.”  This will be a five week series that will show you from the  Bible how the Resurrection can give you hope in a negative world.                        — Dan O’ Donnell