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Jesus Christ Stars In All The Best Movies


Spoilers Ahead!
Finding Jesus In The MoviesAs the movie reaches the end, the heroes are tasked with saving a young girl’s life. They don’t even know her! But every life is valuable, and she needs their help. Hiro and Baymax enter a strange dimension and find the girl safe and sound. When Baymax’s thrusters are damaged on the return trip back, Hiro realizes an impossible truth. Baymax is going use his rocket arm to get Hiro and the girl home. But while the pair will move forward, the launch will push Baymax backwards into the abyss, never to be seen again.

Hiro recognizes that Baymax is going to die in order to save them, even though he is the only innocent & pure character in the entire movie. (Hiro tried to kill another character earlier in the movie, and the girl ignored her father’s counsel in a reckless experiment, which nearly ended her life.)

The Christ Figure
Hiro saved Baymax’s rocket arm that was used to save them both as a constant reminder of the sacrifice that was made. A few days after the event, he realizes that there is something hidden away inside the fist of the rocket arm; it’s the disc that makes Baymax who he is. Baymax is able to come back to his friends several days after dying to save them!

In literary terms, this type of self-sacrifice is called a Christ figure. Authors, writers, and directors use this mechanic all the time. Captain America dies in a plane crash, which he flew into the ground at full speed to save millions of lives. He was found frozen in the ice decades later and brought back to life. Harry Potter literally died in the end to save all of his friends’ lives, but he was resurrected a short time later of his own will in order to continue the fight and ultimately defeat evil.

Fictional Imitation
The Christ Figure is a powerful way to present characters as moral, selfless, heroic, and larger than life itself. It is a portrait of sacrifice and salvation for the people. The Christ Figure is so strong in literature because the original version held those same characteristics. Jesus Christ – the Son of God – left eternity and paradise in order to live a selfless, sacrificial life here on Earth. He didn’t deserve death or punishment, but we do! We have broken the law of God, and the punishment is death. Jesus took that punishment in your place.

Friends, there is a bullet coming at you with your name on it. Put your faith and trust in Jesus. Make Him the Lord of your life. Believe that He died even though He lived a perfect, guiltless life, and that He rose again 3 days later on His own – defeating death in the process. Christ loves you, and He will step in front of that bullet for you, allowing you to live in Heaven forever!

You’ve watched a lot of Christ Figures in your books, movies, and TV shows. Will you put your faith in the original Christ?