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Our New Sermon Series

Tuesday, March 12, 2019
Easter Sunday is designed to celebrate the Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ!  It is an exciting time.  First, though, we usually spend several days to prepare our hearts to celebrate.  During my pastoral years, I have never taken part in the Lent season.  In 2018, I studied the history of Lent and discovered a new truth. 
Lent is a 40 day period where we devote ourselves to growing deeper with Jesus.  We seek to know Him better.  During the 2019 season, we are studying the names of God which reveal to us  His nature and how he can help us in our challenges in life.  When we reach Easter Sunday, our love will be deeper and burning bright in our hearts for Him. 
Our names are so woven into our personality that only those who know us intimately can  truly love and understand us.  The names of God reveal his character to us.  We get to know Him better as we study His names.
On March 10, we started off with the name JEHOVAH SHAMMAH.  That term means   “Jehovah is there.”  I preached the first sermon of Lent on Sunday, March 10 entitled “God Who Is Always There.”  The main point of the message was that Jesus is always near us.     He never leaves us.  He is there for us in any challenge that we find ourselves facing.  In times of loneliness, we can be comforted knowing that Jesus is there and will take care of us.